The Brian O'Connell Fellowship was formed in 2018 as a vehicle for Brian's original compositions and songs.  A rocking mix of funky jams, proggy fusion, wacky humor, and pure unadulterated fun, with a side of intense improvisation, permeate every show.

The Fellowship plays many original tunes from Brian's former band Uncle Sammy, as well as his puppet-theater rock opera Over the Line.  

Uncle Sammy blazed a path of jammed out funk-rock-prog-fusion grooves that left a trail of smoke across the Northeast and East Coast from 97-03.  Richard Gehr of The Village Voice said of the band, "Uncle Sammy is a startlingly nimble, energetic, and spontaneous young quartet apparently comfortable jamming in just about any style of music...They amazed me recently with inventive jam after genre-shifting jam".  

Brian's rock opera, Over The Line, a multimedia meditation on ideology, indoctrination, and self-realization, debuted on February 4, 2012, at Spontaneous Celebrations in Boston, MA. This theatrical rock show featured giant puppet actors and a 10-piece band consisting of members of The Grass Gypsys, Brief Awakening, and the Gary Backstrom Band.  A review of the show appearing in The Noise Magazine had this to say: "...the music is quite rousing and satisfying - very intelligent, multi-dynamic prog-rock mixed with pop-folk - with tremendous musicians and singers adding brilliant coloration... It's a very ambitious project that almost achieves a transcendent quality."

Brian O'Connell is recognized for his engaging performance style and intensely kinetic bass playing.  In the BOCF he pulls out all the stops: crazy bass riffage, touch guitar psychedelia, unique compositions with storyteller lyrics, and overall total originality.  Some of Brian's primary musical influences include: Frank Zappa, Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, Todd Rundgren, Pink Floyd, Joe Jackson, Phish, Victor Wooten, Kai Echardt, Oregon, Trilok Gurtu, Steely Dan, Santana, Michael Hedges, Gentle Giant, ELP, Genesis, Yes, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Aquarium Rescue Unit, moe., Igor Stravinsky, The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, Jefferson Airplane,  Joni Mitchell, Steve Reich, Charles Mingus, J.S. Bach, Steve Swallow, and many more.

Jim McCann plays guitar, keys, and sings. He is known for performing around New England with Leave It On Stage (LIOS), a live electronic dance-based house, electro, and disco power trio; as well as the Grey Area and Travel Info.  In the BOCF he focuses more on ripping guitar licks and far-reaching sonic explorations into the far regions of the dance floor.

John "JG" Graham holds down the essential slamming grooves on drums and also sings. He has been seen and heard across the nation with the band Girls, Guns, and Glory. John is a pyrotechnic drummer who burns up the stage with his bombastic beats and over the top playing. With an insane drummer like JG in the chair, the essential requirements of a power trio are fulfilled.